Street Food For Dinner 

Iv been struggling with meal ideas lately. 

We took a short term rental which has a kitchen which doesn’t make me excited to cook in. Until we move we haven’t been buying anything that’s not essential and I’m missing having things like a food processor on my countertop.

This weekend we went to regional flavours – a food and wine festival showcasing regional produce here in Queensland and I came away with a few ideas for this week.

I did my usual wander around the supermarket and saw some fresh slider buns in the bakery. Sold! 

Tonight’s dinner was haloumi, pesto & rocket sliders. And boy was it quick and easy. 15 minutes prep and cook time. And cheap too. The whole meal cost under $10 to put together. 

NB- I had to buy shop bought pesto as I don’t have my usual equipment but if the pesto was fresh I think it would be 10 times better!

I always feel like I have to put a proper meal on the table for my partner but he actually loved this. We sat on the couch rather than at the table and he dived in. Am definitely going to be looking for some more meals like this to add to our weekly menu.

A 15 min meal and a happy boyfriend…what more could I want 😋


The visa struggle…it’s real 

Since leaving London 3 years ago my life has been a series of visa applications. 

Legally you can’t enter or do anything in a country without one, yet is seems even with one life is just as impossible.

It took me 3 years and 3 visas to get residency in NZ. And even then the residency came with conditions which meant in fact it wasn’t residency at all. 

Circumstance and a relationship then brought me to Australia meaning I had to give up that NZ visa I had worked so hard for and paid out over $5000 for. But at the end of the day that was my choice and I accept that.

So here I am. I have been in Australia for 3 months now.  I’m here on a working holiday visa which allows me to work for 6 months to fund my travels and life here. Well a chance would be a fine thing.

I have applied for over 50 jobs in the past 2 months. This includes jobs I am way over qualified for, that I have 10 years experience in, or jobs that don’t require any experience at all. 

Rejection after rejection. And not because I’m not skilled, don’t have the experience or I’m simply not likeable. But because of that word ‘visa’. No one will give me a chance. 

Now my CV is a robust one. No holes or gaps in employment. I have held down long term jobs. Even in NZ I was in my last position for 3 years so clearly I am not a flight risk. Have worked my way up through places from general admin assistant to the PA to the director. 

I want to work. I enjoy work. I love working in an office full of people and building relationships. I don’t call in sick unnecessarily. I am never late. 

Yet everyday my partner comes home and moans about his staff. These moans extend from not showing up on time, or not showing up at all. Multiple sick calls with endless excuses, headaches, back aches, hangovers (well obviously she didn’t admit to that one but got caught out by her own snapchat stories on that one). One staff member between his sickness and his child’s sickness has not worked a whole week in over 2 months!! Family dramas and divorce battles you name it. Now it’s not that I don’t have sympathy for some of this but these people don’t want to work. Work isn’t s priority for them and they only do it to pay the bills and if they don’t feel like work then they just don’t bother.

It upsets me that people get away with that behaviour in the workplace and I get overlooked because of a word in my passport.

If I were to run a business I would probably favour people on visas. Take for example my last job in NZ. I worked there for nearly 3 years to secure my visa through work sponsorship. I worked hard and took a lot of crap that others wouldn’t have stood for. But I knew I would get a better life at the end of it so I pulled up my socks and did the work. Colleagues came and left during hard times but I was the one still standing at the end.

I have to work. I can’t afford to live without it. And therefore if and when I find a job I will make it my priority. I am not entitled to any benefits or help from the government and believe me I wouldn’t even expect it. But what to do you do when you are desperate to work but just cannot get a break!? 

Until then I will spend my days scrolling through job sites, filling out applications that I know will inevitably not even be read. Merticulously updating my CV and LinkedIn.

In all honesty it’s soul destroying. I question whether leaving a good job in London to explore this side of the world was ever worth it. I’m a good person, no criminal convictions, a good solid work ethic, I don’t do drugs, I don’t cheat others. But the way the visa system treats you makes you feel so worthless, like you are a bad human being for chasing another life.

This place has captured my heart. But if people will not give people like me a chance what hope do I stand of making a life?

I wish people could just see beyond the word visa and understand the person behind it, striving to work hard and make a life for themselves.

Regional Flavours  🍷☀️🍍

Sunday night comes around all too quick, even quicker when you’ve had a fun packed weekend!

This weekend in Brisbane Regional flavours was down at Southbank. A jam packed food and wine festival celebrating all the best products from all over the Queensland regions.

As it was a free festival we decided to go down on both days to maximise the tasting opportunities.

On day one we watched Gary from masterchef wow the crowds with his home cooking favourites. Will definitely be trying his naked crispy chicken wings 🍗

After salivating over the cooking demos we headed into the long line of food trucks and let our noses decide our first move.

Junk Asian restaurant is new to south bank and I couldn’t resist a try of their katsu bao. This one try led to another 4 by the time the festival closed up on Sunday whoops 🙊

After getting our fill of good food we headed down to river quay where live music was playing and an array of bars and seating.

We sat and chilled in the sunshine to live music for hours. We are so blessed to live in a country where even in winter we can enjoy temperatures of 22 degrees ☀️ Keeping hydrated was a must and thank god they had my favourite on hand to sip on. It’s always Pimms O’clock in my world….

Food festivals are such a great way to experience new flavours and learn about local produce. We brought home some amazing fresh strawberries (which we are munching on as we watch the Wimbledon final). 

Going to bed tonight on a high from an amazing weekend. Hope you all had a good one ❣️

From the light side to the dark side – Time for a change 

Have you ever woken up one day and gone hmm I fancy a change?

Something different from my normal breakfast. That didn’t cut it.

A cup of coffee instead of my usual builders brew tea. That didn’t cut it.

I took the ferry instead of the bus. And yep that didn’t cut it either.

So I went to the hairdressers and after 10 years of being a blonde I told them to dye it brown.

The hairdresser looked at me in shock. As a blonde herself she knew how us ‘blondies’ define ourself. I love my blonde hair and have always felt confident with my look. But sometimes you have to just step out of your comfort zone and make a quick decision before your mind is changed!

After convincing the hairdresser that I hadn’t gone mad and felt confident in my decision to change the dye went on. 30 minutes later I was no longer Miss Blondie but Miss Brunette instead.

I have to say. I was in shock at first. I totally couldn’t recognise myself. I walked home from the salon in a bit of disbelief instead of the usual confident strut I would normally have leaving a salon.

But after a few hours of walking past mirrors and slowly recognising myself as a brunette I began to fall in love with my New Look. My make up, clothes and jewellery have all basically been refreshed as I try different looks with my hair and find I can wear different colours now.

Many people comment on how it makes my brown eyes pop…result!!

My hair was also dried out from years of bleach and miraculosly thanks to a salon treatment I can already feel the amazing difference.

I am embracing my new look, and strangely it has given me a new found confidence that I can make decisions about my looks and be satisfied with the results.

So if any of you are after a change: pop into your hairdressers and mix it up a bit 💇🏽

Wednesday Wanderlust 

I left the hustle of London just short of 3 and a half years ago for the ‘beach life’ on the other side of the world.

3 years living in New Zealand and 4 months in Australia and I couldn’t ever imagine going back to London.

Some days I have to pinch myself that I get to walk across this perfect white sand and watch the crystal oceans 😍

Life hasn’t been easy to get here. I have had to apply for visa after visa, spend thousands on police checks, immigration fees and I live every day not knowing when if I will be able to stay here. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As a prolific Instagram user I can’t resist a cheeky look at people’s #wanderlustwednesday but I get to live in Wanderlust everyday!

This place is good for my soul. There is no sadness, anger, disappointment that this sight cannot cure. I feel 100% alive when I’m at the beach, feel like I can take on anything in this world. The sand in my toes makes me happy and the sound of the ocean makes my heart swell.

If you need a life change, pack it all up and head to the beach. I gurantee it will change your life ☀️